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Complete Career Guidance

Many times pressure from parents is one of the major reasons that drive student towards poor career choices. We possess an expert panel of technocrats, who, on the basis of an overall analysis of the personality, skills, aptitude, interest etc, offer the most appropriate guidance for the student. 555 electronics offer the most appropriate career guidance and advisory to aspirants. Our careers advisory are very beneficial for the students.

Our Expertise

Why Choose 555 Electronics

We are committed to creating new-age technologies and software products for the students of Science, Design and Technology schools and colleges in Australia. We have years of experience in our field and that’s why people choose us.

Aspiring Technology

The career in the streams related to science and technology is an amazing experience in the life of a student. We strive hard to help you in mastering the field to attain glory.

Track Record

555 Electronics has a proven track record of helping students in getting the best-suited career by offering a variety of equipment and software for Science & Technology.

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Our Quality Products

Since the day of commencement, we are offering a variety of equipment and software for Science & Technology in Australian Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Our Proven Process

SWe lay emphasis on timely preparation and planning to attain career growth for the student. Your vision is our priority.

Our Thorough Research

SIn order to enhance the personality, we combine experience, information, researchers, and technologies. We consider all the factors before offering technology products and software.

Our Guidance and Motivation

SBeing leading conglomerates in the field of science and technology, we have been helping students around the world to embrace their dreams.

Pasco Science

SWe are offering Pasco Science for the students of South & Western Aust.& N.T.

New Wave Concepts

SBelieving in the new wave concept, we offer best software for the students of Australia and New Zealand. This offered software is easy to handle and extremely user friendly.

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We Believe in Your Dreams and That’s why We offer innovative solutions!

Our company is rendering in the arena with a sole vision to help students in finding their right career path. Believing on your dreams will help you in leading a meaningful life.


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