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Providing Pasco Scientific Equipment

We are counted amongst the leading conglomerates affianced in offering myriads of equipment and software for Science & Technology in Australian Schools, Colleges, and Universities, Products for Science Education, QLD and data collection software, etc. We take immense pride in assisting diverse clientele base, including the Commercial Property 2 Sell, which a leading real estate web portal for finding commercial properties for sale and lease in Brisbane, QLD. Our technologies helped them in sustaining a strong reputation in an existing Australian market.

Our Quality Tools

Your impeccable growth is our topmost priority. Whatever your requirement is we can advise you on the best software, equipment, and resources for your curriculum.

Our Technology-Driven Approach

We believe in innovation and that’s why we deliver world-class scientific tools and equipment to our renowned client base. Adopting new technologies is what we do to create a better place.


Equipment and Software for Science & Technology

At 555 Electronics, we are committed to offering a range of solutions, cutting-edge equipment and software for Science & Technology to create a better world. We provide:

GLX Data-Logger

Backed with years of knowledge and experience, we are offering myriads of GLX Data- Logger. This data logger possesses 8 sensor ports, including built-in sound sensor, voltage sensor, and temperature sensors and has large 320 x 240 backlit transflective LCD grayscale display. The best part is that it is readable in a dark room as well as sunlight.

Structures System

Leveraging on our expertise, we are able to offer a variety of Structural Systems. These structural sub-systems are used for the forces measured by each load cell which is graphed in real-time in Data Studio. The blue diagonal member in the graph represents the switches from compression to tension as the car passes by. This structures system builds trusses, bridges, and cranes with I-beams and can insert load cells anywhere in your structure.

Alpha Electronics

In order to cater growing demands of our patrons, we offer optimum quality of Apha Electronics products for the clients. These products include H30634 battery holder and battery connector. We offer these in various specifications as per the requirements of our clients. You can also avail H28123 Alpha battery connector with battery cap.


Scientific Equipment for Aspirants

Spark System

The Spark System possess a full colour, large screen for easy viewing and has finger-touch navigation—no stylus, ever!

Structures Investigations

We offer student investigations of structures such as bridges, trusses, etc. 2D and 3D structures are also available.

Materials Testing Samples

We offer a plethora of precision engineered Tensile Testing samples. Samples are of 50x20x1mm. Except HDPE sample is of 1.5mm.

Digital Microscope

We are an incomparable name in offering a superior range of digital microscopes. It includes Dino-Lite digital microscope (USB) and Dino-Lite digital microscope (TV).

Our Data Harvest Logger!
It Offers Temperature Sensors and Light Level Sensors.
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PASCO probeware, software, hardware, and curriculum solutions

Our company believes in delivering new-age scientific tools, hardware solutions, sensors and software products to boost the education system of our country.

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Buy Students Manual Books Today!

We also offer Students Manuals for the aspirants. Our teaching methodology increases ability of students in answering a complicated question in the exam. This book presents under one cover, the procedures step-by-step, making decision significance, practical applications of each test, sample collection programme and sampling techniques. It contains analysis & business secrets by the Best of the industry, including CEO of Business2sell, the online portal to find the best business for sale Brisbane. These MFA students workbooks are very fruitful in:-

  • Making Decisions Workbooks H
  • Counting Workbooks I
  • Memory Workbooks J
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Who we are?

Empowers Your Ability to Excel

555 Electronics is one of the reliable entities engaged in offering Pasco scientific equipment and sparkvue software for the schools, colleges, and universities. We understand the specifications and needs of the students and provide service to them accordingly. An ideal choice as our teaching methods or class activity is exhaustive and wholly concept based. We aim at building good communication skills with our students. The whole concept is based on the ‘input-process-output’ model.

Our Faculties

Mentoring and Coaching

We have personal mentoring and coaching plus counseling sessions throughout the semester. Our online mentoring classes are beyond imagination.

Innovative Approach

We are an ideal choice as we are driven by a systematic technical approach that stresses on the detailed knowledge of the subject.

Future-Driven Courses

The entire course content is based on the evolving trends, norms and innovations of the technology industry, and that’s what we do. You can feel free to contact us, get more details. We would love to assist you with all your queries


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29 Nov, 2023

Do you know the Queensland government has invested in advanced or new-age lab equipment for schools and universities? In 2022, the government spent $11.6 million on cutting-edge science and technology equipment to support aspiring students. dvanced microscopes are one of the most evolved lab equipment that has elevated the microscopic imaging systems. These tools consist of both super-resolution…

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20 Dec, 2022

Choosing the right and most suitable science laboratory equipment and supplies for school is one of the difficult tasks. It is a big responsibility because the future of young and talented students is in your hands. Whether you are buying everything on your own or consulting others on the purchase of scientific equipment for school labs in Queensland,…

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