Frequently Asked Questions

The detailed information for any query related to installation and equipment.

What should I do to get information about a new machine?
What should I do to post a query?
What should I do to look at a machine you have in stock?
What is the requirement to see a machine working?
Can existing equipment still be serviced?
Is a down payment required with a lease?
What type of information would I need to obtain equipment?
How does the equipment lease process work?
What equipment may be charged as an Alteration and Renovation expense?
What should a grantee do if a piece of equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen?
How do I request non-standard items?
What standard software is available?
Will someone deliver and/or install the equipment/software that I have purchased?
How will I know if something is still on hold?
What do I do with old equipment or software?