scanripple1.jpg (8531 bytes)
The Wave Generator beam is suspended by two elastic bands from the horizontal bar.
Two ball-ended dippers contact the water and produce circular waves.
wpe8.jpg (15334 bytes)
A Stroboscope Disc is mounted above the tank and images appear under it.
This is the circular wave image produced by the setup described above.
With careful adjustment of the speed of the Stroboscope and that of the Wave Generator,
it is possible to "freeze" the waves and draw them on paper laid onto the bench-top.
wpeA.jpg (5859 bytes)
Using a single Dipper and a convex reflector of acrylic.
Note the reflected waves moving back towards the top of the photo.
Apparent source is near the word 'convex' above.
wpeD.jpg (7175 bytes)

Plane waves contacting a curved barrier representing a headland.

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